Thursday, January 20, 2011

Take Something Apart: Clock

This is one of my first projects at my new school, PSU. The project, called take something a part, is for Art 320, which is focused on information graphics. The idea is to take an object, take it apart and create info graphics about some contextual data relating to the object. I chose to take apart a clock and for my contextual info I focused on time travel movies.

After taking apart the clock I decided to put it back together as a part of my project. So, my final piece has a working clock in the center. 
I research about 130 time travel movies. I sorted them by genre, date and by cause of "temporal displacement"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toolbar Icons

I was inspired by this post I saw on Swiss Miss of some custom doc icons by Jessica Hische. I decided to make some icons of my own to personalize my new laptop. Being obsessed as I am with black and white, I decided to go with a black and white desktop theme. here is a couple of screen shots of what I have so far.
I'm still working on some of them and am enjoying learning about icon design. It can be tricky getting them to work at such small sizes and in some cases I've created different versions for different sizes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Down With Roommates

These passive aggressive post-it notes were designed to be given to an unruly roommate. I chose colors, type and an illustration style that are fun and light-hearted in order to emphasize the passive side of the notes.

Outdoor Exposure Magazine

The goal here was to create a magazine that would stand out on the shelf among a sea of photography magazines. I accomplished this by designing clean layouts with a focus on the photography.

The Shining Ad

My research of all things The Shining—posters, ads, book covers, etc.—found that most of them didn’t fit the mood of the movie. This ad emulates the dark and eerie feeling of the movie.

North View Gallery Schedule Brochure

The challenge here was to flow the information so that a viewer can easily find the name of the shows in order and be able to instantly identify what show goes with what information and image. To that effect, I created a unique grid structure that organized the info and maintained a clean look.

Education Meets Green

PCC asked for a new 3’x4’ banner on the subject of sustainability for the street in front of the campus. I decided to use the pencils and a recycle symbol in order to combine the ideas of education and sustainability in one symbol that’s easy to see from a distance in a short amount of time.